Our company has focused on the enhancement of native vines.



The quality of our vineyards is contained in the union of those factors that the French call "Terroir", or the link between soil, climate, and man.

The splendid hilly position with exposure to the South West allows a strong sunlight on the whole farm; moreover, thanks to the altitude and proximity of the mountains, the climate is often cool, breezy and dry.
Fundamental climatic characteristics in these times of global warming.



The terrain is typical of the Tuscan hills.

The abundant presence of Galestro and Alberese make it one of the most suitable types of soil for viticulture. Thanks to the rocky texture it drains easily, dries quickly, and allows the vine to concentrate the fruit.

Among international grape varieties we have chosen Syrah and Merlot, but more recently we have invested in the valorization of native vines such as Barsagliana and Pollera. The new plantings at the "La Rocca" farm are in fact entirely dedicated to Barsaglina and Pollera.




The characteristics of our areas struck us as suitable for planting this wonderful vine. When fully matured, gives us a wine of great structure and elegance both in the olfactory and gustatory sensations, it is distinguished in fact by complexity, maturity of the tannic structure and delicate spicy notes, up to a finish that we could define as vibrant and very long.

Podere Monte dei Bianchi:

SURFACE: 1,0 ha | EXPOSURE: South | DENSITY: 6.500 vines/ha | YIELD: 50/55 quintals per hectare




Much has been written and said about this wonderful vine. From our lands, Merlot gives us a wine of great structure, elegance and power, with intense and persistent aromas where, in addition to the characteristics of the varietal, we find our territory above all. In the mouth it releases a thick and deep texture that reaches a prolonged and refined finish.

Podere Monte dei Bianchi:

SURFACE: 0,6 ha | EXPOSURE: South West | DENSITY: 6.500 vines/ha | YIELD: quintals per hectare




Historical notes on viticulture indicate the presence of Pollera in the Lunigiana area as early as 1800. Pollera in our sub-variety has medium-sized clusters that can sometimes have a wing. The skins are thin, the berries of medium size and when they reach their ripeness, they take on shades that vary between pink and purple. The wine is characterized by the elegance of the aromas. On the palate the good structure is flanked by silky tannins and good acidity that push the vertical gustatory development into the persistent finish.

Podere Monte dei Bianchi:

SURFACE: 0,3 ha | EXPOSURE: South East | DENSITY: 5.000 plants/ha | YIELD: 45 to 50 quintals per hectare




Barsaglina is a native vine of our province, where its presence has been found since the earliest ampelographic surveys. For decades it has been found almost exclusively in the surroundings of the cities of Massa and Carrara, where the wine produced from it has always been called the Massaretta. The grapes have a winged medium-sized bunch, with medium - small and sparse acids with colors that vary in shades of ruby red. The wine, on the nose, is complex, with intense aromas. On the palate, it has great body and structure. The good acidity and the important tannic component give it great taste depth and longevity.

Podere Monte dei Bianchi:

SURFACE: 0,4 ha | EXPOSURE: South - West | DENSITY: 6.000 plants/ha | YIELD: 50 quintals per hectare

Podere “La Rocca”:

SURFACE: 1,2 ha | ESPOSIZIONE: Sud - Ovest | DENSITÀ: 6.000 ceppi/ha | RESA: 50 q.li per ettaro



Our work consists of trying to reduce interventions in the vineyard by letting nature decide when it is really necessary. This is followed by patient and meticulous work in the cellar, then finally…a long rest.

For us, the primary goal is to make the character, richness and authenticity of the territory known through our wines.



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